Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cultural Bookmark 2: American Indian Library Association source located by Johnnie R. Blunt

Founded in 1979, The American Indian Library Association (AILA), an affiliate of the American Library Association, addresses the information and library needs of Native Americans and disseminates these issues to the broader library community. AILA works wth the Federal Government to improve information services to many tribes in the U.S.

AILA publishes The American Indian Libraries, a quarterly that provides information about AILA meetings, business decisions, and developments in information services to Native American communities.

Although the AILA does not provide comprehensive research assistance, it does provide users with a directory of sources about Native American writers, publishers of works by Native Americans, and outlets that distribute information by and about Native American peoples.

For Native American patrons and those interested in Native American cultures, AILA seems to be an excellent gateway to a plethora of sources.

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