Friday, October 22, 2010

Cultural Bookmark 4: Korean American Historical Society source located by Johnnie R. Blunt

Founded in 1985, Korean American Historical Society (KAHS) is a nonprofit organization, as its website notes, " dedicated to enriching the collective memory of Korean Americans through collecting, maintaining, and transmitting the heritage and achievements of Koreans living in the United States and abroad".

The organization posts several goals that facilitate this mission:
  • Conduct and archive oral history of Korean expatriates, especially Korean Americans.
  • Maintain books, photographs, and other materials relevant to KAHS
  • Encourage the development of Korean American studies an an academic discipline.
  • Coordinate activities with other Korean community organizations for historical purposes.

Although the KAHS website is not comprehensive, it does provide a sufficient amount of information and links to external sources for any one interested in the oral history of Korean Americans.

CAVEATS: KAHS focuses primarily on Korean Americans in the state of Washington. Also, the website does not seem to have been updated within the last year. Nonetheless, KAHS appears to be a very good place for patrons to introduce themselves to a very specific segment of Korean American oral history.

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