Friday, April 26, 2013

African American Male Librarians Association

This week I focus on a relatively new organization that is important to me, one that shapes my perceptions as an Black man in librarianship: African American Male Librarians Association.

AAMLA focuses on the specific challenges of being a Black man in a largely white and female profession. According to its Facebook page, "AAMLA is an organization that is geared toward recruiting, retaining, and restructuring how we operate as individual librarians, so we can operate as a collective, network and lastly a beacon that will provide and ensure that we are successful with our endeavors as professional librarians." In other words, AAMLA promotes the recruitment and retention of Black men in librarianship and information science. It is a space where Black men in librarianship and information can effectively network and share their unique narratives.

Full Disclosure: I am Secretary of this organization. This blog does not officially represent the organization. It is merely a rant from an officer who, like its 45 members and its allies, wants to see the organization succeed. I'm not afraid to use my blog and other personal social media sites to promote this organization to African American male librarians, especially those whom have managed a successful career in librarianship.


We need your stories, your expertise, and your wisdom. You have overcome the various obstacles to rise within the ranks of librarianship. We don't want your money (membership is absolutely free, for the time being).


If you are an African American male in library school, we want you too. A newcomer to the field, we want you!

Our goal is to complement, not disrupt, the American Library Association, the Black Caucus of the American Library Association or any other association that may already have a large number of African American male librarians.

For more information about AAMLA, please visit our Facebook page at .  Please share the link with others.

Feel free to contact our membership officer Bobby Walter at Tell him that Johnnie, that Old Black Dude (and AAMLA Secretary), sent you.

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